Rist Hillclimb

Rist threshold hillclimb went down on April 25 and I got pretty good test result. Always a perk of testing… you get a nice dataset!

The green band on below plot indicates estimate of FTP going in. My trend starts there and I was able to sustain it, finishing the effort in a shade less than 53 min, indicating I could do a bit better than FTP which indeed I did.

It’s tricky to say how much harder the effort was getting as the canyon gets less consistent towards the end and I was pacing for a best finish time… not pacing for the best power file… The trend on instantaneous normalized power indicates more of an effort ramp than the trend on plain power data. The other thing the NP* trend seems to be showing me is that I was pretty effective at not over-resting on any of the places following when I needed to surge the throttle a little bit (flat bits following steep bits). There is really and truly not a real moment of “recovery” anywhere in there, just enough to regroup, pull back a couple heart beats, recapture control of the breathing and then keep pushing.

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Comparing my NP* calculation vs the WKO summary statistic… looks like both calculations yield just about the same result at the end of the trendline. On average, I’m about 3% lower, but that probably should be the case if I was ramping effort, which I was.

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