Golden Triangle – Invitation

On July 21 (Saturday) I am planning to set out from Castle Junction in Banff National Park and circumnavigate the Golden Triangle in a day. The total distance will be just about 200 miles. The route follows Highway 93 to Radium over two passes in Kootenay National Park and then travels north on Highway 95 to Golden. From Golden we’ll climb up the Kickinghorse canyon to Yoho National and over the Kickinghorse Pass back into Banff National Park. We’ll ride the old highway into Lake-Louise and then down the Parkway back to close the loop at Castle Junction.

My Dad is recovering from shoulder surgery and can’t join for the pedalling part of the ride but he’s planning to come along and drive a support vehicle stocked with water bottles and food to keep our day moving efficiently.

The group will be moving at about 20 miles per hour with a target ride time of 10 hours. We will take a sit-down half hour lunch break at Radium (~110 kms) and a sit-down half hour second lunch somewhere around the park gate to Yoho (top of the canyon, ~240 km). Besides those breaks we’ll try to keep moving as efficiently as possible, stopping just for replacing bottles, shedding extra clothing, getting extra rain gear, getting additional food from the car, and if necessary (knock wood) flat tyres. The vehicle support will be available for a ride if absolutely necessary but the plan should be to ride the loop in it’s entirety if you’d like to come along.

You likely are well aware of whether or not this is something you can handle. If you can handle it, I’d love for you to come along. There is some basic preparation required (riding back to back 6 hour days a couple times so far this year at the associated pace would be a good start) and then there’s the undertaking of the actual ride itself. I’ve ridden in excess of 250kms a fair number of times and the most important parts of these day are almost always the same 1) eating continuously 2) not being afraid of the challenge and 3) a good pair of bike shorts (or two, I’ll be changing shorts at some point during the day).

Photo from gallery: Racing 2012

If you’d like to come please get in contact. Plans are to start at about 7am from Castle Junction (Staying at the hostel there is recommended on Friday night). Sunday I’ll likely hope to ride to Bow Summit and back with coffee stops in Lake Louise en-route, for a solid ride but without the incredible challenge associated. There won’t be car-support on Sunday.

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