Velocity ITT – 2012

Power Data from Velocity ITT:

Photo from gallery: Power Data 2012

  • Mean Watts: 349 (=4.01 Watts/Kg – nothing impressive)
  • Normalized Watts: 382
  • VI: 1.095
  • Sixth Place: Cat 1/2

For a relatively flat course (33m ascent and descent in 9.4kms) I had too variable of a power output compared with ideal. I probably should have had a variability somewhere around 5-6% with the start and 3 corners, not up near 10% where I did. I did execute well on two other strategic metrics (shown below). I had my highest power outputs when speeds were lower. I also did a good job focusing on shifting to keep my cadence centered right in the range where I am most powerful. I had an exceptional amount (>88%) of my time spent between 88 rpm and 100 rpm. It was also centered right on the 92-94 cadence range, which for me is the sweet spot. It’s drifted up a couple rpm in the past couple years, but this is consistently where I am at my best. I pedaled my best on Saturday, and I would conclude I was getting some very efficient power transfer. That indicates to me that I am comfortable on the TT bike and comfortable enough to access some good power even though I haven’t logged too many miles on it yet this season.

Photo from gallery: Power Data 2012 Photo from gallery: Power Data 2012

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