My first power curve

Photo from gallery: Spring 2011

I finally generated a power curve…

The workout was a warmup to get the legs going and then 20min at ~250 Watts, then a set of 3x10min at 345 Watts on 5 minutes rest, and then another 20 min at ~250 Watts before a short cool-down.

Many more of these will follow on the blog. I’m currently writing code like it’s going out of style to automate all of this stuff with Octave. I debated spending a bit of money on Training-Peaks to do all of this for me, but realized I wanted to do it myself. It’s more satisfying to run programs that you wrote yourself. And when you’ve got an MSc in Electrical Engineering and your success was largely based on your skills of data processing then it’s obvious that I’m going to wind up feeling limited by the functionality of their data processing engines. I’d rather do my own graphs as I have been doing lately. I think doing this will be quite instructive, and I’ll comment in future about things that I discover along the way.

There were no maximal exertions in this workout, I did the 345 Watts for 10 minutes three times, so all that it really shows is that my FTP is bigger than 320 Watts. I already knew that.

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