I’ve got the power!

Photo from gallery: Spring 2011

First workout with my Quarq powermeter this morning in the living room. I have the powermeter mounted up to my TT bike for the time being, although it will eventually migrate to the road bike. I need to log some time on the aerobars in the next 6 weeks so that I’m ready to perform well at both the Spring Thaw and at Oliver. So, I figured if I put the powermeter on this bike it will be another reason to be riding it. Don’t worry, the road bike will definitely still get used, it’ll probably just not be used as much. If I didn’t have the powermeter and these upcoming races on the TT bike it might be getting ridden exclusively.

No huge analysis of the power data recorded. I decided to do 4x4min at ~360 watts. This was an underestimate of what I am capable of doing and should be doing for this kind of workouts but I’ve got a run and a swim yet to do today and a 10 mile race tomorrow. Underestimating is alot better than overestimating under these circumstances.

I netted 360 Watts at 97 rpm, 368 Watts at 93 rpm, 362 Watts at 94 rpm, and 366 at 93 rpm for the four intervals.

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