The Bearings Arrived!

The bearings for my BB30 bottom bracket arrived today. That was the main thing preventing me from getting this bike built. I mounted them up and slapped on a few components. I’ll do the cabling this weekend and post final photos of the preliminary build. This is basically what it will look like, plus some white cabling, white cages and white bar tape. I might decide to get my hands on some white HUDZ for the doubletaps, that might be overkill though, I’ll have to see how it looks in black first. I’m still undecided on what to acquire for race wheels, and I’m currently reconsidering whether or not my perceived need to go for a crank-based meter is necessary. I can get a deep-section set of carbon clinchers that are already laced up to a powertap hub that weigh less than my trispoke-disc combo for the same price as a quarq. There is an aero-disadvantage but I could go the route of a disc-cover for long-course triathlon and this is probably comparable. I also get myself out of tubulars which is costly and frustrating for flats. If I’m running an 808 depth wheelset for my powermeter that means I need to be comfortable doing an awful lot of riding on it. That means I might be “the guy who shows up to the Thursday night ride with deep carbon wheels”. Hmmm…. not sure if I want that. Anyways, here’s the bike so far:

Photo from gallery: Bike Building Project 2011

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