4000yard test

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65:10 for 4000yds. This is pace for a 68:49 IM swim. This leaves a sizeable gap between here and my PR over 4000yards of 61:47 set back in April when I put together a really good swim that I was super proud of, a real personal best. I got in the pool and was not feeling energetic or fast or anything, even if I was super fast I knew it wouldn’t be a best effort even before I started, maybe that was part of the problem. I was taking my own splits for the duration so only took them on 500yard intervals so I could focus on swimming, thus the choppy graph. I mostly just swam instead of really being able to try and swim fast. I don’t know exactly what it was but I couldn’t swim hard for more than about 100 yards before I was back at a steady swim pace, zoned out, technique reduced to mediocre. My brain was shutting off and going into cruise-control mode way too easily. I swam the entire thing without accumulating any lactic acid in my shoulders or arms, there was no burn, which is basically like saying I didn’t try… which in retrospect is kinda embarrassing to say because I didn’t want to not try, I just couldn’t “try”.

I was way quicker at Great White North where I also didn’t feel like I swam very hard, the wetsuit probably helps a bit, as well as a draft that helps a lot while I’ve got it. I’m also not a fast turner in the pool so these things stack up against me, 68:49 minutes should be a “floor” for my swim time in the open water at a race. No-one transitioned at IMC in less than 1:11 so I’m not going to be out the door aboard the rocket ship if I swim this fast in less than 70 minutes. 70minutes was the goal set back in November last year for Swim+T1. In 2009 there were 175 people out of the water in less than an hour… and another 300 made it out of the water an through transition within the next 10 minutes. I figured that I didn’t want more than 500 people up the road from me to have to pass on the bike so I’d need to swim and transition faster than 1:10:20 for that to happen. Let’s just say I can’t waffle in Lake Okanagan if I want to meet the goal, I need to swim well, not crazy hard or make any big gains in swimming in the next month, I also don’t need a life best swim as that’ll knock me back on my heels for the rest of the race, but I do need a good swim, better than this.

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