Spring Thaw 2010

What’s the story of the race? Here’s a brain clearing dose of information.

Pat swam faster than Dave by 5 seconds but was beat by Simmer by more than a full minute (HCH = 10:28 which amounts to 1:27 pace is meters which is a mind blowing sub 1:20 yard pace… which is how fast I swim in a 10×50 sprint workout). Downey had the … See moresecond fastest swim but didn’t crack 10 minutes. Michele swam 12:20 which is unfortunate because I think I could have swum 12:00 and she should be able to swim faster than me for 750m. Intervals in the pool she has me beat for everything longer than a 200. Antony was sub 20. The guy who won the swim really choked on the bike, it made me feel good, I know it’s not nice, but it did.

Dave needs to practice T1, I think he could have been at least 3 seconds faster. Afterwards he told me he debated not putting on a race number, and that’s why he was fumbling. Pat didn’t wear a race number until the run, he asked permission from the Race Director and he game him special permission.

On the bike Dave won by almost 45 seconds with a split that was still slower than my time last year on the bike course by 30 seconds. Simmers’ weak link appeared to be the bike, he faded on a 5km run which means he really killed it while pushing the pedals. Shari actually beat Emily and split 40 minutes. Only 16 people went sub 40 minutes which is disappointing… I think more guys from the club including BEsch, Brent, Derek, Nathan, and Mike are capable of this. Robyn needs a road bike, enough said. Travis thinks he rode nearly as fast as Dave but lost it in transitions. I might buy it because putting on those giant socks probably took a minute per foot… but transitions need to be seconds not minutes if you’re going to be a triathlete, there is time to change before Oliver.

Dave’s T2 was the fastest of the day I think (one of the Ft Mac Guys was second and Pat was probably third).

Pat was fast on the run, sub 18 by a few seconds. Only 3 people went sub 20. It’s good to have an accurate run course because it’s humbling, no 17 minute runs from last year! I thought that Jeff should be proud of his run. Sanja probably could have run faster and won that race overall if it weren’t her first triathlon ever, I’ve seen her run and she could probably have run 4:20 pace for a 21:40 instead of a 23:20. Michele looked to be slow out of T2 but came around with an alright run although we all know from the apple triathlon that she’s capable of 4:40 pace at an Olympic (Apple Tri). Despite how much HCH didn’t look good at the finish his net run time was pretty good, definitely head coach worthy. If he gets the bike strength up he’s not only going to make up those 3 seconds he missed out on the podium by… but he’s going to be scary fast.

Overall PK took it out, I think this was his first ‘W’ but it’s a good thing Dave was within a minute. Kept the guy honest.

More photos courtesy of Angela Ziemann are available for purchase here.

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