Safe in Seattle

I arrived safely in Seattle on Saturday afternoon after a bit of re-routing. Everything turned out great and I got to pay a bonus visit to Vancouver as a result, all my bags are here and my bike which was taking a ride on top of a fellow cyclist’s car has arrived in working order. I’m ready to get riding!

Meeting cyclists has been the project of the last couple days. I think I’ve met close to 100 of the ~150 that are here and think my retention rate is about 50% which is great. 150 people, it looks way bigger in real life than it does on paper. The contingent of tall blonde dutch-herrtiage males is hilarious. We had a worship service this morning, apparently the tradition of claiming the pews in the back of the auditorium first isn’t unique to River Park Church.

A couple things to remember in prayer right now:

  • There are still bikes missing in transit, pray that the airlines and couriers can sort out the details before tomorrow morning!
  • It’s hot, it’s a common source of discussion and even though it’s only going to get hotter as we enter the desert towards the end of the week pray that cyclists deal well with it.
  • Pray for unity, the first few days of meeting and greeting and forming friendships is really going to form the community for the next nine weeks. Thus far it’s been great and diverse interaction between demographics, countries etc etc.

That’s it for now, the first celebration service is tonight and we’re dipping tyres in the pacific tomorrow at 9am PST. If you’re interested there is a rumour that this will be broadcast online (live). I assume you’ll be able to find the link from the official website. I appreciate the comments and emails… keep them up it’s great to know there is a fan base out there!

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