Entering the desert

Just a quick note as supper is only a few minutes away. Today we climbed two more passes. One was a beautiful uphill through a deep valley parts were almost canyon-like. The grade was much gentler than the previous day, Most of the ascent was 4 or 5 percent which is completely manageable on a full front crank and high cadence. A group of 4 of us rode together. Tyler (Michigan) Brian (PEI) Nicolas (ontario) and myself (Alberta) today and once we reached the peak we were greeted by a serious downhill (72 kph top speed today) and then the headwind picked up. We were strung out behind the first guy who was really working hard and the rest of us were freewheeling down the hill at 38-45 kph. Another quick rise of 500 feet and then anothr rocketing descent into the headwind. After crossing that path the moisture left the air, we are definitely in an arid section of the country, We rolled into camp soon after noon and have already paid a visit to the local pool. The funny tanned boys drew some attention from the Ellensburg kids.

That’s about it for today, everyone around camp seems to be in good spirits. The temperature broke 100 today but the breeze has been keeping it bearable. Tomorrow is a short ride and no passes we’ll probably cruise along quite quickly and then I’ll be on sweep duty (helping in the kitchen, cleaning up camp and then following the slowest riders at the end of the day) for 24 hours so you probably won’t hear from me tomorrow unless we’re woken up at a stupid time of the morning by the rustling of tents and arrive at camp before noon

There are photos of this day below and more are in the gallery for “Week one”

top of pass

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