Vlog – A random selection of videos

Vlog – I’ve given up on uploading videos in any chronological order and am going to make attempts in order of potential entertainment value. Here goes:

Ertia Smit and myself headed down towards La Grande together on Tuesday of Week 2.

Sweep Team rolling from Zillah into Sunnyside, sorry about the camera orientation at the end. I don’t have infinite flexibilty to keep it upright when behind my back.

Heading downhill with a tailwind from Baker City to Huntington through sagebrush and rattlesnake country.

Rolling into Yakima from Selah Washington down the bike path.

Setting off from Golden Gardens Beach in Seattle, to get going for the first day of our 9 week journey.

I also got a whole bunch of photos online from Week 2 which can be found in the Week 2 Gallery

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