Two weeks done

A quick update on stats thus far:

I’ve put in 1378 kilometers in the past two weeks. A total seat time of 50 hours and 17 minutes, which puts my average speed around 27.5 kilometers per hour.

The celebration service in a downtown park this morning in Boise was lots of fun. The message was one about peace, which if you’re reading the Shifting Gears devotional is the theme for the upcoming week. A couple items for prayer:

  • Strength: This week will likely be the most challenging yet. We’re still heading through the desert and temperatures are hot. The daily rides are also longer (averaging 120 kms per day this week) and as a result most riders will not be able to finish before the heat of the day as we were able to do this past week.
  • Patience: Not only for long rides and long hills, and maybe Saturday’s challenging ride will require that… Actually though, as the daily riding is turning more and more into a routine the less natural it is to make concessions for this and that. A spirit of camaraderie among the cyclists depends heavily on our intention to do so.

We’re planning another detour on Tuesday to visit some sand dunes that are a bit off course, I’ll of course keep you posted on how that materializes. I hope to write again soon but this is all for now.

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