Salt flats

Today was a hot one, 105 kms and maybe a grand total of 500 meters of it was in the shade. Days like today it’s tough to drink enough water because it gets hot so fast. I drank 6 bottles of water so hot that it could have been tea today. The ride started with a few hills which occurred before the heat hit but after the 2 hour mark we were out on the salt flats of Utah and the sun was out in full force. I had to drop off Reuben and Nick who I had joined for about 45 minutes and hooked on with a paceline traveling at 28 kph into the headwind. Steph, Julia, Julie and Katrina, I think it was the slowest I’d been traveling on flat ground thus far this summer but I was really working to keep the pace. They were mean to me but I wasn’t about to tackle the headwind alone so I put up with their punishment and evilness for about an hour. That got me to town and I left the bullies in favour of solitude.

After an ice cream stop it was just a short roll down the final hill to the state park that we’re staying at this evening. There’s a lake here and pretty much everyone has been in for a swim already. We had this great idea to swim out to the island which didn’t seem very far away when we started but 500 yards of head up front crawl was tougher than I thought. The backs of my shoulders have done a grand total of zero work in the last three weeks apparently and weren’t afraid to notify me of the fact.

Discussion around camp has covered a few topics in the past 24 hours. Some guys hit up a local pizza eating challenge with 80 kilometers left to ride yesterday. Two successfully consumed the 15 inch pizza and liter of pop within the hour. The porta-potty that trails behind one of the support vehicles came loose from the hitch while on the road yesterday, no spilling occurred, all the weight is at the bottom and it never tipped. Snowville had a municipal ban on serving alcohol (we’re in Utah remember!). The main topic of discussion however, has been Saturday’s ride into Park City. We’re set to ride 100 kms south to Salt Lake city and check out the temple, we’ll then turn left and head uphill for another 50 kms and gain more elevation than we have yet in one day. It is slightly longer than we’ve ever done before. It’s slightly more climbing than we’ve ever done before. The temperature is forecast to be slightly hotter than we’ve ever had to ride in before. This ride will make this week slightly longer than any of our previous weeks. It should be quite the day! I have a feeling that some people will decide that this means they need to wake up slightly earlier than they ever have before.

Note: The youtube video that didn’t work yesterday works today. I also am reported to have made a guest appearance on Bill Wybenga’s Blog

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