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This past week I had more than two dozen people come up to me and tell me that they’ve been reading my blog. It’s quite exciting to meet them and hear that even though it occasionally leads to a somewhat awkward conversation.

I decided to go back and look up my traffic statistics after meeting so many people this week compared with the rest of the summer. I met someone in Salt Lake City, someone in Sioux Center, a couple from near Madison and another at Palos Heights but I could count them all (and obviously still remember them). This week it wasn’t quite the same. As I’m rolling up to the 15000 hits mark here’s the list of cities with more than 100 website visitors.

City Visits
1 London 804
2 Calgary 733
3 Hamilton 595
4 Grand Rapids 542
5 Edmonton 269
6 Kent County 241
7 Toronto 224
8 Vancouver 192
9 Kingston 175
10 Charlottetown 153
11 Kitchener 141
12 Thorold 130
13 Mission 120

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