The final morning…

I stopped by the computer this morning to check if those 2 videos I began uploading to Youtube last night actually ended up online. I guess “eventually yes” is the answer so here they are: #1 is coming down a big hill out of Canaan PA. #2 is a time lapse of us unloading the gear truck upon arrival in Sussex NJ.

This morning is quite exciting… everyone semed a bit nervous as I made my way through the gear truck to grab my bike shorts etc etc. Packing up my stuff was rather easy this morning as my tattered ground sheet from my tent went to the garbage and not to the bag. Also the broken chair I’ve been sitting on since Boise Idaho ended up with a same final fate. That makes for a bag that’s much easier to do up the zipper! Last night was wet and pretty much everything is soaked but there is no rain falling at the moment and the prognosis is for a final day with little rain.

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