Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot 2008 came and went this morning… and triathlon club did a great job! Hopefully only a foretaste of the great job we hope to do next weekend at the Tuffest3 race. For the less-than-100%-informed. Turkey Trot is a 4 km or 8 km run near campus. I ran the 4 km distance because of my lack of running since this shoulder injury and it was a good choice as I was ready to fly for 4 kms and probably wouldn’t have felt the same about a whole 5 miles. Turkeys (or gift certificates for turkeys at least) are awarded to first and second male and female student, alumnus and staff of UofA at both distances. That adds up to 24 turkeys and tri club managed to win 5 of them. The alumnus category is one you can register for if you’ve got a degree from the UofA so a couple grad students registered as alumnus from the club so they strategically didn’t need to race against other club members. I would have placed higher as an alumnus but still would have been out of the running for a Turkey (I was 8th student and could have been 4th alumnus). Oh yeah my time was 15:07 which counts up to 3:47 per km which I’m really happy with.

One of the runners for my Tuffest3 team placed second overall in the 8 km distance. He’s running the 6.9 km leg next Sunday morning at Hawrelak. I will be riding 23 kms and hope to split above 40 kph. Fearless Leanne will be sealing the deal for our team with a 4.6 km run. I understand that Tom hopes to run under 25 minutes and Leanne hopes to be under 17:30. If I actually pull through with what I’m hoping: 34:30 or 3:27 per lap (ahh going under 3:30 takes a ton of work and to nail 10 in a row will hurt) our team might get close to the 1 hour 15 minute mark which would be pretty spectacular. I make no promises though, at the same time though I feel like racing under pressure will be a good experience and look forward to giving that phenomenon a shot. I know the pressure was a real contributing factor to Kyle doing so well in out ITT this summer. I also know that getting some personal records next season will require specific goal setting and capitalizing on training during a race. You’ll hear from me next weekend about Tuffest3 but until then here are a few photos:

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