Speeding on a bike

I managed to speed on my bike along three stretches of road that had different speed limits today. Unfortunately I couldn’t quite eclipse 80 kilometers per hour along the other stretch of road: I only made it to 74 kph. I’m sorry, I promise to do better next time. I wouldn’t want to set a really tough top-speed for the season so early in the year that I can’t break it for the next 3 months, that would just be disappointing. Anyhow, I clocked 38 kph through a playground zone, 53 kph along a minor road, and 67 through a 60 zone without even pedaling, just placed my chin on the handlebars and went for it after 50 kph.

I also rode the bike with any amount of weight in the front bag for the first time today, probably 2kgs: a litre of water, some snacks, tools, gloves and jacket. It certainly handles differently with weight up front. I spent a while getting used to the straight fork of the cervelo compared with the fixed gear steamroller but I don’t notice it anymore, I assume it’ll be the same thing with weight in the bag, a bit of getting used to and then no problem at all.

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