Tri Club Group Rides

A couple Thursdays in a row we’ve met with real bikes instead of indoor bikes to go for a ride with triathlon club at the UofA. The Wednesday Night XC race was so great with all of the leaves turning yellow in the river valley that I decided to bring along my camera for the ride on Thursday. I ended up returning with not all that many shots of the river valley colours but I did shoot a few tri club members on their bikes instead.

Also while out for the ride I got hit in the neck by a bee which proceeded to sting me as it splattered. I was left with half of it’s arse and stinger lodged in my neck. Bee toxins right to the jugular… great. I’m not allergic to these things but when you get stung in the neck it hurts quite a bit more than the wasp stings I got this summer on my upper arm and my calf while riding. Dave was really nice and encouraging by telling me to just suck it up and quit complaining, so I went off and biked to the zoo hill which was the location of our main set for the workout (climbing it a bunch of times with different focus). After 5 times up the hill I had to call it quits because I was starting to swell in the neck and it was getting a bit constricted with breathing. I opted to cut the workout short and headed home and to the pharmacy. After standing in line and telling the pharmacist that I was getting a bit of a constricted throat due to swelling in my neck he proceeded to tell me that I should put an ice cube on it and gave me some anti-itch cream. If I thought that my neck was swelling I’d need to go see a doctor. Thoroughly frustrated by his lack of concern for my ability to breathe I left and decided I could breathe “just good enough” if I didn’t keep biking up and down hills. After discussing with different nursing students they all thought the guy was full of it and was given some benadryl. I woke up this morning feeling quite alright except it’s pretty tender so I’ll have to grow a Faris-Al-Sultan beard for the Tuffest3 race on Sunday. Maybe I’ll race in a speedo too… but probably not.

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