VO2 max

My VO2 Max was measured today at 66 or 67 ml/kg/min. In February this year I scored 57.2 and then proceeded to ride ten thousand kilometers on my bike, to read about the other VO2 Test click here. I blew that out of the water by about a 13% increase. Oxygen uptake was 5.8 liters per minute and I was processing 240 liters of air per minute around my aerobic threshold. Think about that, I’m breathing a whole 4 liter milk jug of air each second! The seat didn’t go quite high enough on their main bike so I switched over to their non-main bike which limited out at 500 watts of power and the guy was a bit nervous that I would exceed that. I told him that I didn’t think he needed to worry but I did indeed get to the 500 Watt mark during my last minute of the test and rode there for about 20 seconds before collapsing. I rode 2 minutes at 170 watts and then increased power by 30 watts every 2 minutes up to 350 watts and from there I was classified as “past threshold” from there on up it was only 1 minute at each increment. That’s 10 minutes prior and 5 minutes 20 seconds riding past threshold, more ride time by a good margin than my last test.

The test today was my reward for finishing the mid-term crunch of the semester. It’s not really fair to call it mid-terms as I only had one of them and the other stuff was papers and problems that needed to be solved, but anyways, they’re over. I’ll write a bit more about the testing when it finished up next week. I’ve got an MRI of my resting heart on Monday and another fitness type test on Thursday that’s followed up by some heart measurement kind of stuff. One hour of intervals, it should be a good time.

What are they measuring? I don’t have a good grasp on it yet but she told me that in one of her related studies leading up to this one they measured a 7% decrease in fractional emptying of the heart on each beat following a half-ironman triathlon. They were trying to show at that point in their research that the heart itself actually gets tired. This is somehow related as they want further proof that it’s not just the long 5 hour exertion that made the heart tired, that I can tire my heart out in only 1 hour of hardcore stationary bike riding.

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