Prayer Requests

Please pray:

  • For the right route. Ask God to lead Ed Witvoet, our tour logistics manager, to the exact route across the continent that He intends the cyclists to take.
  • For accommodations. The tour will need approximately 55 places to stay overnight. Please pray that God will make suitable places available for the size of our group; that these places can be found and booked quickly and inexpensively.
  • For support crew members. The tour will need a host of volunteers to travel with the tour to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Please pray for people to apply; specifically, tractor-trailer drivers and a kitchen team leader are needed.
  • For increased awareness. Ask God to bless the efforts to communicate and promote the tour and its goals to churches and individuals so far, and to give creativity to organizers to spread the word further.
  • For tour sponsors. Pray that those being contacted as possible corporate sponsors will catch the vision and come on board to help underwrite tour expenses.
  • For celebration rally planning. Local committees are being formed to organize Sunday celebration rallies along the route. Pray that passionate and gifted people come forward to lend their time and energy to these events.
  • For cyclists. Riding across North America is a major challenge and commitment that needs the support of family, friends and co-workers, and the Spirit’s clear discernment. Pray for safety as riders train for the tour.
  • For the steering committee. Organizers have a lot to plan with not a lot of time. Pray for wisdom in decision-making and unity within the committee.
  • For those living in poverty around the world. May compassion be evident in God’s people and may justice prevail in the hearts of those who govern.

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