Cadence and Cassette

The weekend rolled by and I did swing through the bike shop to finally finish the conversion project that began back in November. My bike was set up for triathlon racing and wasn’t particularly conducive to the kind of riding I’m anticipating this summer. It started with a handlebars and brakes swap and is now almost complete with my aquisition of a larger cassette for the rear gears. I was looking for a set of gears that was more conducive to climbing hills and initially couldn’t find what I wanted but now have got some. My current racing cassette will be moving over to my new racing wheels which came sans-cassette. This cassette will likely stay on this bike indefinitely once it gets on there (I still need to get my hands on a cassette wrench to finish this project, and at this rate it should happen by mid may)

While at the bike shop I decided to finally get the bike computer I had decided upon but hadn’t yet bought. It’s got wireless capability for both speed and cadence which were the two basic things I wanted. It’s also got the potential to record heart-rate data but my cat-eye transmitter didn’t work the first time I tried it. I may have to try my ciclo-sport transmitter later and read the owners manual again, I’m pretty sure that both of them will theoretically work if I fiddle with them a bit. What is an engineering physics degree worth if I can’t do something like that right?

So I recorded an entire workout of cadence for the first time in my life which was fun, I averaged between 93 and 96 if I randomly looked down to see what I was at. The average for the whole ride was 88 which includes some horsing around we did on the rollers standing and such which drops you cadence way down. I maxed out at 115 without wiping out off the machine which is no small achievement in my mind. I’d like to see if I can actually do 140 on the road, I’ve heard people say it’s possible. I don’t know though. I know for a fact I can do 126 as I’ve measured that with timing myself on the fixie while on the velodrome

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