Accomodation Prayer Requests

Six nights of accommodation for the Tour this summer remain unconfirmed. Would you please join in praying that the leads that are currently established would follow through and that the location in upstate New York would be sorted out. It would be a great relief to the organizers if all of these locations could be sewn up in the next weeks.

  1. Dinosaur, CO – local campground
  2. Fraser, CO – YMCA park
  3. Wray, CO – at local park and local pool
  4. Fremont, NE – Military Memorial park
  5. Woodstock, IL – High School in town
  6. Albion, NY or Batavia, NY – still open, no leads

In another line of prayer, there are currently numerous riders who anticipate participating this summer who are dealing with injuries. Some of them are frustrating inconveniences like broken hands that aren’t likely to impact riders’ success this summer but some other riders are dealing with knee trouble and other cycling related problems. The health and strength of all members of this summer’s itinerant community will make a big impact on the extent to which those weeks will be so much more of a blessing than a chore.

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