Commissioning from McKernan Baptist

This morning McKernan Baptist, the church I’ve been attending in Edmonton for the past 4 years has a commissioning for all of the people doing “kingdom related work” this summer. 17 people were sent out from just that community to go make a positive impact on the world for Christ in the next 4 months. God’s abundance seemed to be so evident.

It was a really good experience to be blessed by that congregation before I departed Edmonton, Pst. Sam prayed specifically for guidance in preparation, something that’s been tricky in recent weeks. I am quite aware that I’m leaving Edmonton soon, have I really asked all of the people for support that I should have asked before I split from town?

We also prayed that God would pour into us an extra measure of courage and clarity with regards to opportunities to share the gospel. That’s also something that’s been going through lots of cyclists heads in recent weeks. There has been a discussion going on with regards to why in the world we’re going on a bike ride along with this fundraising. The ultra-brief answer in my mind boils down to being a witness to our world. If through cycling there are opportunities to communicate the importance of caring for the poor then by all means it’s not a pointless endevour. Does that make it a worthwhile endevour? Well I guess I’d like to chalk up some quantifiable level of awareness at which I think this becomes worthwhile. If I can communicate well to one completely different person each day the reasoning behind my biking then I by all means am on the right track. Is one person enough? I think that if I start down that road I’m going on a bit of an adventure in completely missing the point, but here’s what I do know. It requires a good dose of courage and a clear mind to be making that conscious effort from day to day.

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