Sea to Sea Route Finalized

The daily route for the Sea to Sea bike tour this summer has been finalized. It is available on the Ofiicial Sea to Sea Website and sets a grand total of 6246 official kilometers meaning the minimum daily average for the summer is 116. An earlier “pseudo schedule” that we got to look at had us doing a few crazier days mixed in there with some easier ones but things are actually rather smoothed out and there aren’t any very big discrepancies in any given week with over distance one day and recovery the next. Of course that’s the best to keep everyone injury free and smiling, it’s great that things worked out that way.

I’ll admit I’m looking forward to August 6-7-8 as we’ve got two rather serious days back to back with Ironman-distance (180 km) rides scheduled followed up with a century the next morning to finish off.

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