A cool story

Here’s a cool story, it’s a bit of a nightmare to keep track of names I’ll admit, but consider yourself lucky I’ve got 140 names to learn when I arrive in Seattle in 5 weeks.

Neil, Ellen and I went for a short bike ride on Saturday morning and upon the return of Ellen and I to the Yellow-House Jenna had left a message for me with Amy. Amy was
dutifully relaying the message when Jenna called again, obviously so excited by the message she had for me that she couldn’t even wait for Amy to pass it along.

Jenna was in Edmonton for a part of the weekend looking for a house for her and Betty, and I was up for a conference and a bunch of meetings regarding the research group I’ll
be joining in September. I also happened to find time to go biking a bit and visit all kinds of cool people but I was specifically not in the business of looking for a house for myself and the three other people I’ll be living with. A 5 bedroom house came up in the listings a few days prior and Jenna was able to track down someone to show it to her, she got a hold of me after really liking it and I saw the place as well. We managed to get a hold of all of the other people who would be living in that place via telephone and kinda got the go-ahead to keep pursuing it. The connection with the landlord was made around 7:30 pm and we set up plans to met her at Tim Hortons 15 minutes later. A previous pioneer-ranch-camp volunteer, very caring lady and sister in Christ showed up with a huge smile on her face and by about 8:30 there was a signature on the lease!

Now, the process of renting a house doesn’t make for such a great story all by itself but here are a few kickers. Jenna and I had a discussion somewhere in the blur of the afternoon about needing to learn a thing or two about resignation to His plans. A pretty
much continuous stream of prayers were answered to allow the process to move along smoothly (I needed to get to Calgary for Church the next morning), does 7 hour start-to-finish define quintessential smoothness or what? We were even able to get a hold of all parties on the phone. The matter of fitting 6 people into a 5 bedroom home was tidily resolved and really affirmed by a few comments by the landlord! Michelle has somewhere to go when her current lease expires. The only real request for a home made by me was answered in spades! I requested that wherever I live has got to have a proper kitchen and this one rocks: gas range, ceiling height cabinets, excessive counter space, natural light, dishwasher and adjacent dining room.

If this is how God responds to our request for housing that has only begun in earnest recently I can only imagine how great his plans are for the things that have been consistently in daily prayers since January and last summer. I have a crew of friends heading over to Africa for the month of July to work with Christian students in Zambia. The opportunity of that group to foster leadership growth in those students is so unique and has amazing potential. My involvement with the mother-of-all-bike-rides this summer continues to require prayer. Here are a few specific requests:

  • For the right route. Give thanks to God for enabling Ed Witvoet, our operations & logistics manager, to finish charting the exact route across the continent.
  • For support crew members. The tour still needs a few volunteers to travel with the tour to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Please pray for people to consider this opportunity and apply.
  • For increased awareness. Ask God to bless the efforts to communicate and promote the tour and its goals to churches and individuals so far, and to give creativity to organizers to spread the word further.
  • For tour sponsors. Pray that those being contacted as possible corporate sponsors will catch the vision and come on board to help underwrite tour expenses.
  • For celebration rally planning. Local committees are busy planning the many Sunday celebration rallies along the route. Pray that all the details will come together so these rallies glorify God, unify His church and motivate all to serve the poor.
  • For cyclists. Riding across North America is a major challenge and commitment that needs the support of family, friends and co-workers, and the Spirit’s clear discernment. Pray for safety as riders train for the tour.
  • For the steering committee. Organizers have a lot to plan with not a lot of time. Pray for wisdom in decision-making and unity within the committee.
  • For those living in poverty around the world. May compassion be evident in God’s people and may justice prevail in the hearts of those who govern.

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