My Phys 397 lab course requires that my lab reports be submitted according to a specific style. LaTeX is strongly recommended as this allows us to use a template provided to develop our lab reports and equations etc. in an efficient, neat and standard manor.

I therefore downloaded the freeware MikTeX distribution of the LaTeX language for windows operating systems. I got a bit of practice thus far, but I certainly have a lot yet to learn. For the most part all I have figured out is that TeX is an extremely powerful tool. The more I read (which is not much yet) the more I realize that I haven’t really made much progress yet. It’s one of those things that once I know it I doubt I’ll be using much else to create documents. The thing I’m interested in is how other people are going to respond to my communication via .pdf for all purposes rather than .doc? If you’re wondering how this is going to work out you’ve got about 1 month to find a solution because I know that once I learn I won’t turn back.

Here’s an Example of what I’ve figured out how to do so far. Focussed mostly on the math aspects of the markup, I’ll learn the other stuff as I go along.

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