Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is honestly the sweetest course I have ever taken in the history of my life. I’m now checking it off on my list of life goals as complete

Now, anybody else in the course right now might be thinking otherwise as we are all finishing up the largest “weekly” assignment of our lives. Mine totals 16 pages. But by struggling through some ridiculous matheMagic to do those complex integrals and expectation values etc. I’ve developed not only a greater interest in the stuff, I’ve really got a much larger respect for the whole deal.

When you start an integral on one page, and hack your way through it on 2 pages, making reference to another 4 pages of previous results for simplification along the way, and arrive at the finish line with an answer of h|bar*(l^2 + a). You really get a grip on how intricately everything fits together. Having started with an expression that was so long I couldn’t even write it on one line (and couldn’t be reduced from there either!) and can develop such an elegant result I’m beginning to get a bit better grip on how perfectly God has this world balanced out. Whether or not the quantum mechanics aspect of the problem characterizes the real world very accurately, the math itself is something that elicits a bit of awe in me. I can’t help but sit here at my desk and be in a good mood even though the clock now shows “12:50” because I’ve just seen a few of God’s fingerprints.

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