End of Exams

So I squeezed my way through semester 7. My Quantum Mechanics final exam today came blasting right down the calendar and arrived all too soon. Any time I’ve had to write more than 2 exams back to back one of them often suffers. I think that’s mostly due to the fact that any time you select 3 of my courses at random from the past years your bound to get at least one stickler. I don’t think I really suffered this time though as a matter of preparation or skills with the course. The final was just too long! I probably could have made my way through all the questions in a full 12 hour day of work with some help from a good calculator and a textbook, but to do it in 3 hours with no discussion or help was a bit much.

Anyhow, Christmas vacation has arrived and I’m quite happy to get out of classes for two weeks and do everything other than work hard on school.

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