Tuffest Three

I raced the UofA Tuffest Three race with Campus Rec this morning. It’s a run-bike-run relay in Hawrelak park. I was on a co-ed team and we won the whole thing, beat the guys only teams! My portion was the bike, 23 kms (approx) and consisted of 10 laps of Hawrelak park. My splits were as follows:

  1. 3:59.65
  2. 3:50.10
  3. 3:53.70
  4. 3:51.90
  5. 3:53.10
  6. 3:53.75
  7. 3:50.40
  8. 3:52.00
  9. 3:51.10
  10. 3:39.45
  • Total Time: 38:35.2

That’s 35.8 kph. I was just over a minute behind first place of all the cyclists. The dude was pretty crazy who beat me though, he came with a trainer and rode for 30 minutes in the parking lot to get warmed up. That’s probably a correct amount of warming up to do but it was a bit odd for a low key event like this one. I honestly don’t think that I could have gone any faster. When I decided to give it everything I had on the last lap and was only 10 seconds faster that lap than all the rest… I think it’s an indication that I had dialed in exactly how quickly I could go. Average heart rate for the trip was 191, that’s about 90% of my reserve, pushing 95% MHR. Anyhow, well into the anaerobic zone.

Tuffest Three
Tuffest Three

Before shot (in red), and after (in championship green T-Shirts)

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