Cross-Alberta Cycling record

I was on the website for the UltraMarathon Cycling Association this afternoon. If you’ve never heard of them before they’re the organization that keeps track of all of the endurance cycling records in North America. How the system works is each state and province has a “North”, “South”, “East” and “West” point identified in it. There is a potential record to be set for racing E-W, W-E, N-S and S-N for each jurisdiction. If the record has not been set all you have to do is complete the ride while obeying their rules and you get to claim the title. If no-one has yet gone any direction in your province you get to choose where the start and end points are for the ride.

Alberta has no records set, and while I don’t think the ~1513 km North South direction is something anyone is going to undertake for many years I do think that the West-East record would be totally sweet. The route that I would propose goes from the BC border just outside Jasper, and ends on the Saskatchewan border… in the middle of nowhere, heading east from Red-Deer. The trip is ~712 kms long. And while it’s not as short as the 375 km (heavy wind at your back) Crowsnest Pass to outside Medicine Hat route. It would make for a really serious challenge. The 375 km ride may even be able to be completed during daylight hours in June if the wind cooperated, but the route originating in Jasper would be a multi-day affair. It also carries with it a bit more likely hood that your record sticks around if you are able to complete it.

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