Ready for some more snow

Riding the fixed gear has been a bit of an adventure since the snow really started accumulating this past weekend. Some insane lockups have had me scaring myself at points. It’s really be an interesting challenge to ride fixed gear in the snow, typically there has always been some brute force involved with riding bikes in snow, and often spinning out just goes with the territory. That’s not been the case riding fixie to the same extent, if I spin out I’m going to be in rough shape and likely will have to step off a pedal. Instead I’m very aware of weight distribution and power application as I negotiate curbs, snowbanks, icy patches and death cookies. There’s a heightened awareness of how tight I’m pulling corners as all chances to slip out will likely grant you the opportunity to slide. If I thought I was learning to think in advance of where I planned to go just by riding fixed during the summer, winter fixie riding has really done some re-teaching of that concept.

I’m suprised how well the $6 tyres I bought are working out, I’m running them with low pressure, especially the front, which is on a free wheel/rim that I’m not particularily concerned about denting. I don’t believe the progression to spikes is going to be necessary this winter with the short commute I’m doing.


I just finished getting appropriate bindings mounted on the skis my Dad picked up in Calgary for cheap so that they match the boots I got a month ago here in Edmonton. Less than perfect communication meant that we had to deal with the less than perfect situation brought on by the incompatibility of SNS and NNN binding styles. At any rate there’s a match now and I’m excited to get out on the snow to do some classic skiing this winter. The river valley trails are going to see some use from me this winter as I’ve got a lot of preparation to do in advance of the Birkebeiner race in early February. The number of people who I’ve found that have equipment and would like to get out on the trails is awesome. A couple triathlon club people and a few people I know through IVCF. It should be a good opportunity to get out and spend some time developing a skill I haven’t really used since I started the downhill skiing era in grade 5.

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