Sea-To-Sea application

I’m sending in my application today at lunch now that I have received back the endorsement from First.

I’m interested in participating in the sea to sea bike trip from Seattle to New Jersey next summer. As a part of the application process I must seek the endorsement of a CRC church, and because while living in Edmonton I’ve been attending the Baptist church right near campus and my house, First CRC is still what I would consider to be “home”. It would be great if you would bring my request to council the next time you meet, or perhaps raise the idea with them over email I don’t know what kind of schedule council is on for the summer months.

I’m supposed to explain why I’d like to participate. Well first off, I absolutely love cycling and an opportunity like this, to participate in an epic-all-summer-trip is exactly the kind of thing I’d like to do. Next summer is also a unique opportunity for myself as I’ve got a gap to fill between the finishing of my undergraduate studies and the beginning of grad school. The real reason I’m interested in participating in this trip is because of the group that is going and the people I hope to meet, not because it’s the craziest idea I could dream up (I’ll admit that there are crazier ones). Let me elaborate.

After leaving high school I started out at the university in Edmonton, I became involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) through some of the first people I met on campus. Over the past 3 years I and have found it to be a place where I have been challenged time and time again to be challenged in my faith and challenged in my developing leadership skills. The leadership team of IVCF has been an amazing community of accountability, calling me to step deeper in commitment with God and his plans. Through intense study of Philippians this past semester many of us have found a real common ground surrounding the idea of partnership in ministry. There has been a real sense of dedication as well as urgency in making our lives, our friendships and ultimately our classes and campus a place where Christ is seen.

I think that the large majority of us, because I don’t think I’m an anomaly, are quick to point out that we form a church, albeit an unconventional one, on campus. I know that this idea is reinforced by attending church services chock full of students. I’ve found, especially during the last bit of this year, that living in such a setting means that I miss out on what a church community comprised of children, parents and seniors has to offer. While it is certainly possible to be stretched and grown in a setting of peers, there are real and significant benefits to being part of multi-generational group of believers. I know that going cycling with the seatosea group is certainly different than hopping on a bunch of bikes with friends from triathlon club and that’s something I’m really keen to be a part of. I certainly hope to learn a few significant things about how that type of thing really plays out. I guess that the appeal of biking every day all summer has evolved into a bit more since I started prayerfully considering the idea and discussing it with other people.

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