100 Friends for the road!

I was doing a good job being not completely distracted by Sea to Sea in the later part of this last week. A Quantum Mechanics midterm was sufficiently scary to keep me from doing much other reading or writing about the bike trip than just the seatosea tasks that were landing in my email inbox. I was asked to write an article for The Banner so there’s been a bit of that kind of correspondence going on. Anyhow I’m not writing about that, because it’s pseudo-top-secret until the banner comes out in Jan, but I am writing because of a pleasant seatosea surprise this evening.

I got the latest “On the Way” news from Sea to Sea organizers this afternoon, and I realized I totally missed the 100th rider signing up for the tour. We’re already at 101! That means I’ve got 100 names to learn. I’m still hoping and praying that it’s 400. I think I speak for everyone when I say bigger is better for this sort of thing. We’re raising funds, and that means that there’s a need for fund “raisers”. Please pray for potential cyclists who are considering signing up. Riding across North America is a major challenge and commitment that needs the support of family, friends and co-workers, and the Spirit’s clear discernment.

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