The Cervélo went into the bike shop this afternoon for an overhaul in advance of the big ride next summer. The parts I ordered came in from out of town and I got the call to drop it off for the changeover, it should be back in a couple days a rather different bicycle.

  • Bullhorns and Aerobars swapped off for a pair of drops
  • I’m keeping the indexed shifters from the aerobars and moving them around to the drops, some touring style shifters
  • Swapping TT brakes for some real ones
  • Rear cassette changed from 11-23 to a 12-27
  • New chain and cables
  • I’ll be putting on some superfat tyres, well like 25mm, but that will have to come at a later date when stores start carrying summer stock again.
  • Some white bar tape to tie things together and trick people into thinking I’ve been a roadie all along

The parts that actually needed to be changed were the cassette and handlebars. The bigger cogs will be appreciated so I’m able to manage climbing some passes next summer and not slaughtering myself in the process. The handlebar swap though is a matter of safety. I intend to ride almost everyday in a paceline (of sorts) and bullhorns are not the safest nor the most comfortable way to do so. So sadly I’ve given up the aero-position for the next year or so, I’ll probably miss it but I have to remember the tradeoff, my thighs will grow faster this way!

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