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An interesting thing that Nathan Nelson Fitzpatrick pointed out to me last week in the eng-phys club… I’ve watched a couple episodes, some are really good and others are a bit of a waste of time but as of yet I think it’s one of the best places online that’ll help you learn a thing or two about wine. I realized early on that watching the episode of the day is largely irrelevant but if you go back through the archives and find something about a type of wine you’re currently drinking or have had recently then it’s interesting to note the kinds of comments he has about that wine style. What makes a good Cab-Sauv? A good Merlot? Pinot Gris? Zinfandel? Well I still don’t exactly know but I’m getting a better idea. The thing I really like is that this is not a tv show about $50 bottles, most episodes are $12-$20.


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