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Square Spiral

I currently work as an FBAR Development Engineering on the research team at Broadcom’s factory in Ft. Collins Colorado. If you’d like to get in contact please use my LinkedIn account.

Prior to this I worked as an R&D Engineer at Micralyne Inc, a position that was made possible by the r&D associates program from Alberta Innovates Technology Futures. I was the technical lead for a project involving a wholesale manufacturing redesign of a MEMS sensor in mass production. The motivation was to do a wafer level package of hermetically sealed cavities (≤1E-17 Pa•m³•s⁻¹) and integrate through-wafer electrical interconnects. Day to day duties were the design and execution of process integration strategies first to enable function and subsequently to optimize device performance.

Applied Physics Letters Paper - Fig 2

I am a MSc graduate (2011) from the University of Alberta’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I completed a BSc in Engineering Physics also at the University of Alberta in 2008. My thesis topic was related to the optical properties of nanostructured thin film photonic crystals. Some work demonstrating an electrophoretically controlled bandgap was been published in Applied Physics Letters. Other work documenting the shortest wavelength bandgap ever achieved with a square spiral photonic crystal was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

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