Triglycerides: 1.1 mM/L

Total Cholesterol: 3.36 mM/L

Fasting Glucose: 4.55 mM/L

HDL: 1.12 mM/L

LDL: 2.01 mM/L

VLDL: 0.5 mM/L

TD/HDL: 3.3

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Now here is a cool story

Martin Strel is planning on swimming the entire length of the amazon river over the course of the next 722 days. If you thought that I had some crazy ideas up my sleeves you’d better take a look at This Website and see what this guy is planning on doing… Swimming the entire length of the Amazon River!

It amounts to around 90 km of swimming each day. The funny things is that this isn’t a joke he’s serious. He’s swum the entire Danube River (Europe), the entire Mississippi River (USA) and the entire Yangtze River (China) and the entire Parana River (Argentina). He’s also swum 504 kilometers in 84 hours, continuously!

I guess his speed has got to be on pace for ~4 km/hour in standing water if he plans to get those big distances on moving water.

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Enphys Rocks EngWeek

The Engineering physics club placed 4th in Geer Week 2007! We also managed to clean up in 3 events and the club room will be adorned with 3 pretty sweet-action plaques until January 2008! to check out some of the pictures from the week visit the Eng Phys Photo Gallery (click the thumbnail).

Engineering Physics Flag

  • 1st Place – Scavenger Hunt
  • 1st Place – Godiva (Eng Week Newspaper)
  • 1st Place – Blood Drive

We scored Second in the Tech Display and placed far lower in the Design competition (5th) and the Movie (6th) than I think we deserved. Placement in other events can be found on the Engingeering Student’s Society Webpage.

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Engineering Week Draws to a Close

Engineering week ends tomorrow with the 68th annual Engineers Ball. I would consider this one the most fun yet and would attribute that entirely to the fact that I went to essentially everything! I missed out on the Keg Races Obstacle course because I had a mandatory lab and I skipped out on the Wrap-Up party because I wasn’t interested in any of the bands playing there. What I did attend is nothing to be laughed at…

  • Tug of War EP placed top 4
  • Scavenger Hunt EP beat mecE, civE and EE.. all the big guns
  • civE party
  • Toboggan Races Had to borrow a female participant who incurred penalties for us =(
  • Battle of the Bands
  • chemE party
  • Shangria First near-beer down and first to the bat… …last one back
  • Design Competition Highest towerby far
  • mecE party
  • Movie Night Got to judge on behalf of our club, we certainly did good
  • EE party
  • Career Fair
  • Beer Brewing / Boat RacesAnchored the team on one of the heats (5th place)
  • Engineers Ball

I’ll find out tomorrow how we did in all these events and list our sweet achievements then. For now feel free to check out the EnPhys Gallery to see some pictures of the weeks events. Of special note are the ones involving shredded paper and club offices.

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Desktop Wallpaper with a purpose

Everyone boots their computer, in fact most of us do it more than once a day. Here are two questions for you

  1. Do you do anything useful while your computer starts up?
  2. Do you spend as much time praying as you’d like to?

I’ve got a friend on a missions project in Darjeeling India as part of a YWAM DTS based out of Brisbane Australia. (If you’re interested in more details check out her Blog). As financial support just wasn’t about to be something I had to offer I did commit to praying for her over this period of time. I’ll admit I didn’t do the greatest job of that while she was in training school but decided that I had to make a conscious effort while she was in the missions field. What I decided to do to ensure that I was praying regularly was to place This Wallpaper on my desktop to serve as a reminder to pray.

God’s call for us to pray is no mystery, we are to be “always in prayer”. The Bible tells us stories of people like Anna who “never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying” Luke 2:37. Paul’s example is similar as described in Philemon 1:4 “I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.” I asked myself this past week whether or not the time I was spending praying was sufficient and the answer was no. Was I fulfilling the promise I’d made to myself to pray for Janneka while on DTS?… unfortunately No. A simple thing like a desktop certainly does remind me to pray.

If you’ve committed to pray for someone why not put them and their list of prayer requests on your desktop. It will cost you absolutely nothing. It’s a simple way to be reminded to pray every time you’re waiting for your computer to boot.

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Eng Week Begins

Engineering Week is now officially underway

I’m sure that attending class will be at approximately a rate of 60%. 75% if I’m lucky, I’m going to do my best to fit in a dozen events and meet the requirements for the beer fridge draw. Design competition, movie night, scavenger hunt, a couple parties and the noon events and I should be able to do it. Our progress is alright thus far, top 4 in the Tug of War (with a bunch of skinny nerds) is pretty impressive if you ask me.

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My Phys 397 lab course requires that my lab reports be submitted according to a specific style. LaTeX is strongly recommended as this allows us to use a template provided to develop our lab reports and equations etc. in an efficient, neat and standard manor.

I therefore downloaded the freeware MikTeX distribution of the LaTeX language for windows operating systems. I got a bit of practice thus far, but I certainly have a lot yet to learn. For the most part all I have figured out is that TeX is an extremely powerful tool. The more I read (which is not much yet) the more I realize that I haven’t really made much progress yet. It’s one of those things that once I know it I doubt I’ll be using much else to create documents. The thing I’m interested in is how other people are going to respond to my communication via .pdf for all purposes rather than .doc? If you’re wondering how this is going to work out you’ve got about 1 month to find a solution because I know that once I learn I won’t turn back.

Here’s an Example of what I’ve figured out how to do so far. Focussed mostly on the math aspects of the markup, I’ll learn the other stuff as I go along.

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Days of Physics underway

Tuesday and Thursday this semester are certainly days that will teach me that even great things like physics need to be managed in moderation.

Hopefully this semester won’t turn me against it (I have little doubt that this is impossible) but I’ll certainly get my fill. Starting with Electrodynamics and then Quantum for 3 hours straight each morning I then roll right into 3 hours of labs in the afternoon. It’s a bit overboard but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

I’m a little worried that I’ll get buried within a few weeks and won’t emerge until May.

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The Powder and the Glory

After skiing Louise on a bluebird day we managed to get through the road to Golden and skied there two days. The hill gets better every time I ski it, I feel like I’m just getting used to it. I even discovered a brand new run on the last descent of the day, I’d never bothered doing the little hike to get over to “Terminator” until then but, but boy oh boy it was certainly worthwhile, some seriously soft soft-pack at a pitch steep enough to fly but shallow and smooth enough to entertain the possibility of looking 3 or more turns down the hill while doing so.

We packed in 4 trips down Whitewall in the course of 2 days (it only opened at 2 pm the first day). Another 4 runs in Feuz bowl (accessed from Redemption-Ridge) and I think that’s pretty much all the excuse I need to tell you that my thighs are a bit sore (but not sorry!). The highlights were… Paula’s Line (on Whitewall), Horsefly (lower down Redemption Ridge) and Terminator (furthest south exit from Bowl-Over). Our second day grand total elevation was 35 152 feet. That’s the same as skiing Everest 1.21 times!

photo of Feuz Bowl

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Man, Skiing Rocks

I could reiterate my frustration with Hiebert but I’ll refrain from that for the time being, but if I’m back in class on Monday and still don’t have any information on that course, the proverbial shit will hit the proverbial fan.

So, I’m sitting in Golden after *the* sweetest two back to back ski days of my life. Kicking horse had something like 40 cm of snow on Tuesday night, the road from Louise through field was closed due to avalanches so we skied Louise on Wednesday with the hope of still getting through to Golden in the afternoon when the road opened.

Louise was great, I don’t want to estimate how much snow there was because I know I’m going to do it wrong. It was less than a foot and more than six inches. The Whitehorn chutes had a bit more, partly blown in, and I don’t think it had been open the previous day. We did a bit of cruising around at Larch and the six-pack before actually making it into the back bowls. (Have to do a bit of skiing with Mom, it is a family vacation afterall). Anyhow the important thing was that the Whitehorn chutes weren’t open yet and when we arrived atop the poma, the ski patrols lifted the rope. There was already a line up to get in so I wasn’t the very first person down the run but I was probably third. Check out the evidence!

Photo of my tracks on Whitehorn

I skied ER face for the first time in my life (It had always been a “permanently closed avalanche area”) and had some sweet powder runs down from the top of Olympic towards the six-pack. Meadowlark was also superb and was really a thigh burner both last run before lunch and last run of the day.

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