Final Training Ride – VLog

I headed out for the final training ride prior to SeatoSea departure on Monday. I picked a route that I had planned on cycling all spring long but never got around to actually doing until the last possible chance. It’s not like that really tied things up though, I still have a list of other rides I would have liked to do prior to leaving but they’ll have to wait for another summer. I headed out south of Bragg Creek and took the “back-entrance” to the Millarville area and then returned north back to bragg creek via the “front-entrance” and home. The route is approximately Like This


It was rolling hills but not much elevation was really gained. It also rained on and off but I never really got wet. It was windy but I never had a bad head wind for a long stretch. It was on the longer end of rides this year (152 kms) and I managed without trouble. I arrived back at home quite pleased with the ride and ready to package up my bike to be shipped off.

Video Log #8

Followed approximately 2 hours later by Video Log #9

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I also wrote about this bike trip in another blog entry that can be found here.

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