Hip flexors are still trash

I was out for a run last night and decided to try and aim for around 2.5 hours. I also decided that I should try the notoriously muddy trail between the Hawrelak bridge and Mckinnon ravine because it’s been above 30 degrees for a few days here so I figured things would have dried up. I’d never tackled this trail before, it’s pretty up and down and was rather closer to a quick hike than a run but oh well that’s how it goes.

A map of the route shows the distance to be somewhere around 23.5 kms, I typically measure distances on this website to be about 5% below the actual distance so I’d say this was closer to a 24.5 or 25 km run. Not bad for a couple minutes water stop and some serious hiking along the muddy bank of the river.

My hip-flexors were absolutely trashed running up the shallow stairs out of the river valley with a km to go. I’m not certain but I would say that they might still be recovering from the thrashing I have them at the half-ironman 3 weeks ago. My knees didn’t give me any trouble but I can tell that I’ve been giving them a bit of stress they’re not used to with all the fixie riding in the past week.

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A Thirty Four Kilometer Adventure

I loaded up my bike with all the goods to head down to Calmar and come back via spruce grove… I was aiming in the 120-140 km round trip range. I got out onto the street and the wind was blowing something fierce, the humidity was round-about 99% and it was less than 10 degrees. I went for a lap of the block and headed back inside, my knuckles were freezing. I dropped off the helmet grabbed my bottle holder waist belt and headed out the door on foot, expecting that I’d be able to stay a heck of a lot warmer if I wasn’t on a rainy range road getting slammed by the elements.

Hold on before you throw around the word pansy because this didn’t turn into any short run. Starting out from near the High level bridge I ran through the river valley all the way down to Fort-Edmonton park, I then ran up the hill and crossed over to Brookside. I dropped down to the Equine center and then ran south down Whitemud ravine. Stopped at Rainbow valley to fill up the water and headed into the south-whitemud trails. I did all three prongs of the trail system there and headed back north, filling up water and making my way back past the equine center, up the hill into Belgravia and back to the house. Amounting to somewhere around 34 clicks with a grand-total time of 3 hours 13 minutes.

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