Desktop Wallpaper with a purpose

Everyone boots their computer, in fact most of us do it more than once a day. Here are two questions for you

  1. Do you do anything useful while your computer starts up?
  2. Do you spend as much time praying as you’d like to?

I’ve got a friend on a missions project in Darjeeling India as part of a YWAM DTS based out of Brisbane Australia. (If you’re interested in more details check out her Blog). As financial support just wasn’t about to be something I had to offer I did commit to praying for her over this period of time. I’ll admit I didn’t do the greatest job of that while she was in training school but decided that I had to make a conscious effort while she was in the missions field. What I decided to do to ensure that I was praying regularly was to place This Wallpaper on my desktop to serve as a reminder to pray.

God’s call for us to pray is no mystery, we are to be “always in prayer”. The Bible tells us stories of people like Anna who “never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying” Luke 2:37. Paul’s example is similar as described in Philemon 1:4 “I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.” I asked myself this past week whether or not the time I was spending praying was sufficient and the answer was no. Was I fulfilling the promise I’d made to myself to pray for Janneka while on DTS?… unfortunately No. A simple thing like a desktop certainly does remind me to pray.

If you’ve committed to pray for someone why not put them and their list of prayer requests on your desktop. It will cost you absolutely nothing. It’s a simple way to be reminded to pray every time you’re waiting for your computer to boot.

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