Cabled and taped

The bike has been cabled and taped:

Photo from gallery: Bike Building Project 2011

The Quarq is currently in the possession of FedEx and should arrive Wednesday. Carbon wheels are backordered until April. Tubular tyres are currently in the mail from ProBikeKit.

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  • Dave says:

    Dang. I forgot how tall you are. How big of a frame is it?

    • admin says:

      Size 61cm. There’s a slight arc in the top tube which I don’t know if you noticed. That accounts for about an extra 1cm of seat tube protrusion however it’s nothing like riding a compact geometry specialized or something like that where there’s serious slant in the top-tube.

  • T Mac says:

    i am looking at purchasing an Aerocat…do you like the bike?

    • admin says:

      From just a tiny little bit of indoor riding I am enjoying it, I can’t really compare with anything until I take it out on the road. There are a few shortcomings of my previous bike that I hoped to correct with the purchase of this one and will be commenting on this site as soon as I can make those comparisons… but right now we’ve still got a foot of snow outside and where the roads are clear we’ve still got tons and tons of gravel, the aerocat is staying inside for a while longer unfortunately. I have a ‘cross bike to ride in the mean time.

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