Edmonton to Rocky Mtn House

Saturday’s ride started out very slowly, I loaded up my bike and proceeded out of town via my ‘quick route’. It turns out that this is only a quick route because the timing of the lights works out perfectly at about 35-40 kph if I’m riding a racing bike, not when you’re doing 25 and making very slow accelerations with a hefty trailer. Yes, the trailer is rather hefty or at least it was when I set out. I had a bunch of fruits and vegetables that needed to be eaten before I returned so I loaded them aboard at the last second, at least another 4 lbs. Most of it is already eaten though so I’m only carrying relatively ‘light’ calories from here on out; avocados, cucumbers and apples no more. Every pound makes a difference, and I could definitely tell towards the end of the day that my trailer was getting lighter.

Today’s route was pancake flat for the first 90 kms at which point the rolling hills grew and grew to the point that there were sustained climbs in some of my easiest gears for 20 minutes before I reached Rocky. The wind didn’t co-operate with me, but it wasn’t an unbearable affliction either, a three-quarter headwind seemed to be the prescription regardless of the way I turned. My last 2 kilometer roll down the hill to the riverbank of the North Saskatchewan (where I am camped this evening) had a fantastic tailwind and I debated briefly the merits of continuing along for another hour to take advantage of it. Not knowing of any water sources I could count on, liking the idea of free camping instead of paying, and being rather tuckered out already I called it quits at 219 kilometers, 9 hours of riding into my day.

Photo from gallery: Edmonton to Penticton 2009

I can certainly tell that I am in need of a vacation, my mind was racing like a runaway locomotive all morning. The brain started to slow down in the afternoon when I got nice and tired climbing hill after hill after hill, maybe I was getting tired or maybe it is a sign that I am eventually going to get some peace of mind this week. Part of me insists that I keep the brain cruising this week while I ride and sort out all sorts of thoughts and ideas and plans. The other part of me wants to just look around, turn the pedals and take a break from all-day every-day busyness. I think I’ll try to go for option two and if I’m lucky maybe that will be the key to reigning in all the other stressful bits and dealing with them too.

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