Road to Ironman – Day 1

Today kicks off Epic-Adventure-2009 part three. [Part 1 link] [Part 2 link]. My third and (likely) final bike ride through the Rockies for 2009 is going to be the longest and potentially most exciting yet. It’s also likely to be the slowest, but that is with reason, I’m towing a trailer with camping gear. The planned route will cover more than 1100 kilometers in the span of 7 days and take me from Edmonton to Penticton. Penticton is the destination not because the beaches will be swarming with beautiful women or because the local wine is the best in the country, but because it’s the home of Ironman Canada. I have three friends racing there this year and want to go and cheer them on, but I also intend on signing up to compete in the Superbowl of Canadian Triathlon in 2010. Making the trek out to Penticton is a requisite step in preparation for that, signing up can only be done on site.

Saturday’s route takes me south out of Edmonton along familiar roads for the first 50 kilometers to Calmar. I’ll be sure to stop in at the Bakery for some walnut donuts and then I’ll continue on towards Drayton Valley before turning south on Highway 22 towards Rocky Mtn House. The ride will cover in excess of 220 kilometers and I have plans to potentially camp at Twin Lakes near Rocky Mountain House. The second half of the route includes some serious hills, nothing long but rolling terrain with a trailer can be an emotional rollercoaster in addition to the physical one. Day two will take me through the foothills and into the Rockies, I’ll hopefully update my webpage periodically this week with stories from the road. I also plan to actually take more than two photos, I’ve carried my camera many days this summer but used it on surprisingly few of them.

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