Asymmetric Capacitance…

Here’s the abstract for the latest paper…

Electric Field Properties of Asymmetric Capacitances

Properties of the electric field produced between two parallel charged conducting wires are described and analyzed. A DC high voltage supply is used to charge a capacitive configuration of narrow gauge wire which produces a strong electric field. An electrostatic model of the apparatus is developed and used to describe the observed phenomenon of ionization of atmospheric gasses in this electric field. Measurement of the forces caused by the acceleration of these ions provided a means of ascertaining an approximate threshold for the electric field to cause ionization of atmospheric gasses of 2.8 ± 0.4 MV·m−1 in excellent agreement with the accepted value of 3 MV·m−1. Forces on the order of tens of milliNewtons are observed, sufficient to support the entire weight of the apparatus generating the field.

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