A long bike ride

Derek got married in Whitecourt this weekend. It’s about 180 kms “nominally” from Edmonton to Whitecourt so I figured it would be a good bike ride, an Iron kind of effort… it would be the furthest I’d ever ridden but not by a whole bunch so I figured it would be a good opportunity to take a day off work and go for a nice ride in the countryside.

north alberta
north alberta

I arranged to have Matt and Jill pick up my camping gear and take it out with them with the plan that they would meet me at the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening. I then learned that the rehearsal dinner wasn’t at Derek’s parents’ place in whitecourt as I had assumed. It was 25 kms north of town. I then also found out that the 180 kms between Edmonton and Whitecourt is based on Whitecourt to the edge of town, it was 10 kms further to Blue house in the middle of town.

The trip (map link) ended up being approximately 215 kms and took me 7:48. That time includes a 30 minute break in Mayerthorpe to lay on my back, chow down some food and refill my water bottles. There were a couple other quick breaks to snap photos so my average total time was 29.5 kms per hour, I would guess I was around 30.5 to 31.0 kph if I would have only counted cycling time. My only other time check was when I first met up with the Alaska Highway and that was an average speed of 31.6 kph to that point.

I brought 4 powerbar – chocolate harvest bars, 2 Protein Blast – caramel fudge bars, 2 Oskri (vegan oddly enough but 460 cals!) – coconut bars, a decent dose of Gatorade and a granola bar. So 2500 calories while on the bike (my basal metabolic rate is only 1900!) I put in nearly a thousand calories for breakfast and that rehearsal dinner tasted pretty awesome but I have no idea how much I ate…

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